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Retirement Planning

In 2020 Australians are projected to spend more time in retirement than in the workforce. A shift that means substantial cashflow will be required to comfortably fund retirement.

The good news?
Hello Wealth strategies incorporate wealth generating actions that can be taken immediately, while working towards retirement, bolstering retirement savings for a secure financial position capable of sustaining this trend towards early retirement.

Transitioning To Retirement

The day we stop working is now in our hands.

With a Transition To Retirement strategy we are no longer bound to retirement on the day we turn 65 and can instead take control of our retirement date, potentially using this to our advantage by turning a redundancy into an opportunity.

Managing Retirement

Reaching retirement is a significant milestone which raises key questions:

“Should I leave my money in super or start an income stream? Take the annuity or the pension? How good are retirement savings accounts?”

The answer?

Make your money last with effective debt management, the correct asset mix and a financial structure that maximises Government benefits.

Determine whether or not you pay tax in retirement – and how much – based on how funds were allocated to your super, how you take money out and how old you are.

Familiarise yourself with minimum and maximum super withdrawals.

Prepare early for the possibility of both seeking out and covering the cost of residential care.

Efficiently plan your Estate by making a will and conducting a thorough and transparent assessment of your financial situation.

It’s never too early to talk retirement plans

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