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Aged Care

Planning for the possibility of Aged Care requires, at the very least, a basic understanding of how to approach and complete the process.

Form filling, fact checking, cost analysis and the gathering of information can be overwhelming for some and time consuming for all.


As specialists in this area of Financial Planning, Hello Wealth advisers calculate the best possible strategies for aligning the assets of each individual case, tailored to factor in Government regulations, income and pensions.


Crucial support that could save thousands of dollars in facility fees, property tax, estate planning and pension tax for our clients.

There is also the potential of additional complex factors such as the impact on Centrelink pensions and determining the most effective way to cover the considerable cost of Aged Care accommodation.

There are two specific sets of fees associated with Residential Aged Care: daily, and income tested. Plus a facility will require either an accommodation ‘bond’ for low care residents or an accommodation ‘charge’ for high care residents.


Alternatively, Home Care Packages require a set daily contribution fee, regulated by the Government, as well as a Government regulated income-based service provider fee.


Significant expenses that require life changing decisions such as selling the family home versus renting it out – all at a time when finding a solution for your loved one to receive the care they need should be the main priority.

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