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Budgeting & Debt Management

Budgeting and Money Personalities

A Hello Wealth we believe that our money mindset starts with values from childhood and subsequent life experiences.  We offer Money Coaching to unpack your Financial Archetype, shedding light on patterns, habits and tendencies which could be holding you back from wealth. 


Managing your budget is taking the time to review what bills and lifestyle expenses are important and what expenses can be redirected.


If you’re needing micro-guidance and structure, we can also curate a budget plan to help you learn and improve your day-to-day spending habits. 

Book either option via our Money Coaching Portal ‘Ad-hoc Budgeting + Debt Management’ here.

Debt Management

Debt management strategies includes a thorough assessment of your structures, entities, interest and the assets you choose to invest in giving you peace of mind and saving money, allowing you to direct those earnings to further grow your wealth.


As specialists in these areas of financial planning, Hello Wealth advisers take advantage of income tax and expense strategies to repay your debt and help you get ahead faster, with minimal impact on the quality and sustainability of your desired lifestyle.


Inefficient Debt

Inefficient debts are used to buy goods, services and assets that generate zero income, inefficient debt forces you to rely on your income sources and assets to repay it while accruing costly interest that is not tax deductible.

Examples include home loans, credit cards and personal loans that often impact other wealth-building opportunities. Hello Wealth financial advisers prefer reducing this type of debt as quickly as possible, first repaying those charging the highest interest rates, and potentially consolidating these debts into the loan with the lowest interest rate.


Efficient Debt

Efficient debt is used to buy assets with the potential to grow in value and generate potential tax-deductible income which can then be used to help repay the loan. Examples include investment property loans, investment loans and business loans – often used to build long-term wealth.

Borrowing to Invest

Also known as gearing, borrowing to invest is a debt management strategy that allows for investment in otherwise unattainable assets and promotes spreading funds across multiple investment types. It allows for greater exposure that has the potential to magnify returns and reduce risk.


If you have built up equity in your home or investment portfolio, Hello Wealth can expertly advise you on sensibly and efficiently borrowing against it.

Margin Loans

Otherwise known as installment gearing, these loans allow borrowers to use managed funds as security.


Since the interest costs are usually tax deductible, gearing can be a tax-effective strategy and one only recommended by Hello Wealth for investors who are comfortable with an above-average level of risk and are well-versed in rigorously tracking and assessing multiple investments.


Lenders allow a maximum gearing level known as the debt-to-asset ratio or loan-to-value ratio (LVR) so if markets fall and investment values drop they may make a margin call, requiring more money, security or assets to be put up at short notice to restore the LVR and bring the gearing down to the agreed level.


To give an example of Hello Wealth’s holistic approach, we believe an opportunity should not be thoroughly researched and considered as much for its potential return as for its tax effectiveness – which may improve the viability of the investment but should never be the deciding factor. 


What is imperative is that the strategies align with your comfort level and enhance your Financial Plan to provide long-term benefits and goal actualisation.

Debt management strategies that move you towards your dreams

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