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Community Corner

Living in Newport, at the heart of the Northern Beaches of Sydney means that community is a vital part of both life and work for Hello Wealth founder Noni Crawford.


As the elected president of Newport Chamber of Commerce Noni is accountable for executing the Chamber’s business plan and developing economic partnerships with the Newport business community.
Advocating on their behalf to provide educational and marketing opportunities while promoting tourism to the area and generating much needed foot traffic for the community.


Working closely with the Council’s Board of Directors Noni is instrumental in refining and delivering their vision for Newport. Typically calling on her strategic planning skills to contribute to local government policy development, recruit and retain members, secure funding and manage complexities such as the Chamber’s budget and crucial stakeholder relationships.


As the face of the Chamber Noni is a trusted and visible leader within the community, deftly co-ordinating business owners, political leaders, committee members and community representatives. The ultimate testament to her understanding of the importance of trust increating fruitful partnerships to accomplish shared goals.

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Chamber Reviews

‘Thanks for all your support! You’re sending so much love to so many businesses that need it right now 💪🏼⭐️‘

‘I just wanted to say how incredibly awesome you are and the care and support you give to the Newport community’

‘Hi Noni
I just want to congratulate you.
Newport Chamber, at long last is being seen to be doing something… and that’s down to you!
It’s your energy, your vision that will create a more vibrant place for the community (also for visitors and tourists).
Well done and Thank you’
Patsy Clayton-Fry

‘Love your work and love your passion and drive. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 😘😘😘😘😘😘’

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